Sturmartilerie de la Waffen-SS Tome 1

Leibstandarte Et Das Reich

Tiquet Pierre

Publication date:
August 2019
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ISBN : 9782840485254

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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Assault guns were the first armoured vehicles in Waffen SS divisions to be used at the beginning of their military history. This first volume presents Abteilung "Schönberger” from the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, in the frontline since 1941 which became SS StuG-Abteilungen "LSSAH”, and in which a young tank commander - Michael Wittmann - began to distinguish himself. We follow the unit during all its engagements. Still in 1941, SS-StuG-Batterie "Reich” engaged in Operation Barbarossa, was the embryo of 2 SS-Panzer-Division assault gun group of the "Das Reich” which we also see in operations. We watch the evolution and the engagement of the first two Waffen-SS Divisions' assault artillery groups with their histories, eye-witness accounts and numerous photographs, most of which are as yet unpublished, including some superb photos of vehicles, as is usual in the books by Pierre Tiquet. Other volumes will follow presenting the assault gun units from the other Waffen-SS divisions.