Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

Krzysztof Mucha, Samir Karmieh, Łukasz Gładysiak

Publication date:
April 2015
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20 sheets a4 sheet with scale drawings, 68 colour photos, 10 archival photos, about 65 renders, 8 painting schemes
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ISBN : 9788364596322

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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Germans had been produced many specialistic armoured vehicles. Storm tanks are among them. They were used as infantry support heavy vehicles. They destroyed buildings, fortifications, barricades etc.STURMPANZER IV BRUMMBAR built on PANZER IV chassis was one of them. It was armed with 150 mm StuH storm howitzer. From 1943 till 1945 BRUMMBAR took part in fights on all fronts. The publication is illustrated with unique 3D renderings by Samir Karmieha that show a lot of detail not only the external details of the vehicle, but also its inside. The book was also enriched with excellent modeling plans Krzysztofa Muchy that satisfy even the most demanding readers.


An ideal handy reference work if used in conjunction with other sources for photos of the Brummbar. Recommended for the researcher and model-maker.
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