The Italian Wars Volume 1

The Expedition of Charles VIII into Italy and the Battle of Fornovo

Predonzani Massimo, Vincenzo Alberici, Irene Maccolini

Fornovo, 1495. A brutal battle started one of the most terrifying and glorious periods in the history of the Italian peninsula.
Publication date:
December 2019
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Retinue to Regiment
Illustration :
39 b/w ills & photos, 8 colour plates, 3 b/w maps
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ISBN : 9781912866526

Dimensions : 248 X 180 mm
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On 6 July 1495 a sudden gunshot came from the right bank of the Taro River in the Gerola Valley, near Fornovo (not far from Parma); shortly afterwards a sky full of clouds unleashed its fury on a wretched battlefield. That gunshot kicked off a battle which changed warfare and represented the starting point of a raging conflict known as the Italian Wars.

Francesco II Gonzaga, a brave commander and leader of the League, challenged the fury of the flooding Taro River in a clash against Charles VIII, a contemptuous king who ravaged the peninsula from Piedmont to Campania and spread terror wherever his terrible mercenaries set foot.

This volume, The Italian Wars Volume 1. The expedition of Charles VIII into Italy and the Battle of Fornovo, offers an accurate analysis of every frantic stage of the battle.

The reader will be transported into the heart of battle and exposed to the rumble of thunder and the clash of arms. They will see how the encounter wore out both sides, leading the opponents to an unclear resolution: both armies claimed victory.

The text offers a detailed description of the composition of the armies, the weapons, and the armour, as well as of the heraldry borne by captains and shown on standards. Such analysis is based on the authors' research on Italian and French contemporary documents and pictures. Wonderful painted illustrations are shown on charts, thus delivering an immediate and clear overview of the men and the colours on the battlefield.