Massimiliano Afiero

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January 2020
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224 archival photos
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ISBN : 9788366148260

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A new volume dedicated to the close range antitank fight by German tank hunters during the Second World War, with the treatment in particular of the actions carried out by the Waffen SS fighters and with the relative detailed list of the decorated with the Badge for destroyers of tank, with a brief biography for each of them.

A detailed review of the weapons used and fighting techniques, with the publication of official documents published by the command of the German Army for troop training. A large part is dedicated to the same Badge for tank destroyers, with information and photos of the various versions.

The complete translations of the two manuals Die Panzerfaust and Der Panzerknacker complete the work, with all the original pages in German and the relative translation in English. The volume is completely illustrated with hundreds of original b/w and colour photographs and reproductions of manuals and documents of the period.