Florida’s Changing Waters

A Beautiful World in Peril

Lynne Buchanan

Lynne Buchanan's Changing Waters is a stunning collection of photographs that document the beauty, diversity, and complexity of Florida's inland waters and the effects of pollution, population growth, and climate change on Florida's springs and inland and coastal waters.
Publication date:
February 2019
Publisher :
George F. Thompson
Contributor(s) :
Robert L. Knight, Jason M. Evans
Illustration :
130 color photographs by the author
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ISBN : 9781938086618

Dimensions : 260 X 298 mm
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Lynne Buchanan began photographing Florida's inland waters to create artistic records of her connection with those waters and to learn lessons from being in the present moment and aligning with the flow of life. The more time she spent photographing waterways in her native Florida, the more she noticed what was being damaged and lost due to human impact. She resolved to draw attention to the situation through her photography and to work with water-quality and environmental advocates, from members of the Water-keeper Alliance to Native American citizens fighting to preserve the integrity of their ancestral lands and drinking water.

The result is Changing Waters, which not only showcases the beauty, diversity, and complexity of Florida's waters, but also documents the negative effects of agricultural and industrial pollution, a growing population with its urban growth and land development, and climate change on Florida's inland and coastal waters and springs. Though her work is place specific, the book reveals the interconnected and global nature of environmental problems. Indeed, Florida's fragile springs, wetlands, rivers, and coastal waters can be considered a tragic and powerful example of what is happening to aquatic systems else-where in the nation and world as a result of unchecked human action.

Buchanan's photographs invite viewers to consider their personal relationship to water and en-courage better stewardship of this vital--and finite--resource. They are also a call to action to find more effective ways to preserve these waterways for both their natural beauty and essential role in our survival.