Saudi Feast

Flavours and Recipes

Anissa Helou, Mayada Badr

Saudi Arabian culinary tradition is as rich and diverse as the landscapes and climates of the country, with each region offering delicious ingredients and tasty local dishes - a hidden treasure to be discovered.
Publication date:
September 2022
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ISBN : 9782952820691

Dimensions : 285 X 230 mm


• The best of the Saudi cooking by an awarded London-based chef
• A unique way to discover the unknown traditions of a kingdom, and get out of received ideas
• An approach that blends culinary traditions and heritage and cultural history
• A very rich collection of photos to illustrate Saudi Arabia and discover the recipes

A journey through space and flavours, this book offers the surprising experience of meeting Saudi people through their food. 32 recipes for starters, main courses, and desserts have been selected among the thousands submitted by Saudi families in response to an initiative of the Kingdom's Ministry of Culture. Illustrated by charming shots of Saudi cooks in the intimacy of their kitchens and organized in 5 chapters - Rice, Cardamom, Lamb, Dates and Wheat - the recipes are easy to reproduce at home, with step-by-step instructions and photographs. Texts penned by culinary experts also introduce readers to local history, dietary traditions, proverbs and anecdotes that uncover a genuine way of life, a tradition of hospitality, and an inviting culinary heritage.