Equipaggiamenti da volo italiani del dopoguerra - Post WWII Flying Equipment in Italian Service

Claudio Canton

Previously unpublished, exceptionally detailed guide to the Italian Armed Forces and State Corps flight equipment from 1946 to today.
Publication date:
January 2021
Publisher :
RN Publishing
Illustration :
700+ b/w photos
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ISBN : 9788895011172

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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• Reference work for the enthusiasts and collectors of flight equipment

A complete guide to the Italian Armed Forces and State Corps flight equipment, from 1946 up today. An unpublished and in-depth work that deals for the first time with an often disregarded subject, and that will be for of interest to all enthusiasts and collectors.

This book provides a very in-depth overview on the flying equipment used by the Italian air arms and State corps from the post-WWII era up to the present day. Most of the information included is published for the first time, and concern flight helmets, oxygen masks, flying suits, anti-g pants, parachutes, life jackets, boots, gloves, glasses, watches, and more. More than 700 images form the iconographic part, offering a complete coverage on this subject, which so often has been disregarded. Many photos show not only objects and equipment, but also their details, such as labels, logos, zips, buttons, etc. providing an excellent reference for all the collectors. The book has been realized by Claudio Canton, a well known collector and expert.