British Parachutes

Special Forces

Jean-Louis Perquin

Publication date:
January 2016
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
Illustration :
270 photos
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ISBN : 9782352504429

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This is the first volume of a new collection dedicated to the evolution of techniques and materials used by special services and special forces. To open this new collection dedicated to the evolution of technics and materials used by Special services and Special Forces, the choice of the first issue was an easy one.

As early as October 1940, Intelligence Service tries different ways to infiltrate occupied France. Phillip Schneidau is dropped "blind” near Montigny at the edge of Fontainebleau forest. Jumping with a British parachute soon turns out to be one of the best means of infiltration. It is adopted by Allies, including US OSS operational groups and Jedburgh teams.

This present study is thus dedicated to Type A and Type X parachutes. Some extra considerations to the following type PX give a better understanding of their differences and the new solutions chosen


If you are interested in Special Forces, their equipment; parachutes, or parachute operations; or even general military history from WWII then this book is highly recommended.