Nakajima B5N Kate. B5N1,B5N2

Anirudh Rao

The standard carrier-based torpedo bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy for much of World War II.
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October 2020
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Top Drawings
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drawings sheets; color profiles
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ISBN : 9788366148635

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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The Nakajima B5N prototype, designated B5N1 (in Allied reported name: Kate), was flown in January 1937. The first serial aircraft carried the designation Model 98 Model 11. The machines were tested in combat in China. In December 1939, another serial version entered the production marked as B5N2 Model 12. The aircraft was equipped with a Nakajima Sakae engine with a smaller frontal diameter and increased power. This improved plane's performance. Initially, a hydraulic wing tip folding mechanism was used, but after a short time it was replaced with a manual one, which was more reliable.


...will help modellers looking to check/add detail and the colour schemes illustrated will be useful inspiration. Another excellent addition to the series, and one to both please aircraft fans and mark the milestone of number 100 in the series.
Military Model Scene

The colour centre-spread gives illustrations of five camouflage schemes and markings, with another two on the back cover. […] Hasegawa, Airfix and Nichimo have produced kits. A very useful book for IJN enthusiasts.
Scale Military Modelling International Magazine