Warsaw Pact Vol. II

Marcin Górecki

Publication date:
January 2022
Publisher :
Series :
Camouflage & Decals
Illustration :
color profiles, free decal
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ISBN : 9788366673793

Dimensions : 297 X 211 mm
Available in 3-4 weeks


In early 2001 we launched the CAMOUFLAGE & DECALS series. Although the first book in the series was an instant hit, we were forced to abandon the series due to technological issues with decals production. Over the years we released a number of books with decals sets, while the CAMOUFLAGE & DECALS series was patiently waiting for its turn.

Well, the time has come to revive the series. Encouraged by mail from our Readers and queries from hobby shops all over the world, we decided to revisit the idea from twenty years ago. We are launching no fewer than three new books in the series, filled with artwork commissioned from well-established and respected authors, with whom we have had a pleasure to cooperate over the years. Featured artists include Jacek Pasieczny, Janusz Światłoń, Maciej Noszczak, Sławomir Zajączkowski, Arkadiusz Wróbel and Mariusz J. Dziedzic.

Future books in the series will feature vehicles and aircraft in camouflage representative for a particular period and battlefield. Each book will come with a free set of decals corresponding to the main theme of the book.

The first five books in the series will feature color plates published over the years in Kagero books and magazines. At the time of writing the work continues on follow-on CAMOUFLAGE & DECALS books which will feature new, previously unpublished material.