The latest title of our "Coccarde Tricolori Speciale” series is dedicated to a the new advanced trainer and next light attack aircraft, which flies for the Italian Air Force, but also with international air arms.
Publication date:
December 2019
Publisher :
RN Publishing
Editor :
Niccoli Riccardo
Series :
Coccarde Tricolori Speciale
Illustration :
230+ colour photos, 6 colour profiles, 1 four-view drawing
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ISBN : 9788895011165

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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The book, which collects unpublished photos, information, and first-hand tales, is divided into several chapters dedicated to the detailed description of the complex programme (including the new Fighter Attack version), the operational service in Italy and a large photoalbum, as well as chapters dedicated to the international air forces (Singapore, Israel and Poland), and to a flight assessment of the aircraft. The book also includes a modelling section, with information and various colour profiles, plus a four view, and photographic details of the real aircraft. In the appendix there is list of all the M-346 produced. A must for all the enthusiasts of the modern jets, and of the Italian trainers family!