Sturmgeschütz III A, B, F, F L43, F/8, G

Maciej Noszczak

The Sturmgeschütz III was Germany's most-produced fully tracked armoured fighting vehicle during World War II.
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October 2020
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Top Drawings
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drawings sheets; color profiles
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ISBN : 9788366148895

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First prototypes of German tank destroyer Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) were built in 1937 and based on PzKpfw III Ausf. B tank. Vehicles were armed with short-barelled 75mm gun. From spring, 1942, StuG IIIs were equipped with StuK 40 75mm gun. Self propelled guns StuG III served in separated assault artillery units, and later in self propelled guns brigades. They were also used in support units of armoured divisions.


There are also plenty of kits available in all the main scales, and more […] for modllers, this is a good resource to have plans of all these variants in one place.
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There are numerous Sturmgeschutz kits in a variety of scales by the likes of Airfix, Dragon and Tamiya, and these drawings will prove useful for checking details. Recommended.
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