D-Day and the Campaign Across France

Jay Wertz, Sean Carlson, Benny Jordan

Publication date:
March 2019
Publisher :
Monroe Publications
Series :
World War II Comix
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ISBN : 9781732631519

Dimensions : 260 X 170 mm
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The Normandy Landing, Cross Channel Invasion, Operation Overlord - the World War II event known by all these names, but most commonly referred to simply as D-Day, is the best known of all the war's pivotal moment. Seventy-five years after its occurrence, Monroe Publications and World War II Comix are pleased to present the story of D-Day as a graphic history. This 24-page work takes the form of a modern comic book, with cutting edge graphics and the most up to date factual analysis of the campaign. Also includes an episode of the serialized graphic novel Separated by War. For ages 10 and above.