Pass Guard at Ypres

Ronald Gurner

Powerful story of the fate of a British platoon at Ypres, especially that of a young officer who becomes disillusioned with war.
Publication date:
August 2016
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Casemate Classic War Fiction
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ISBN : 9781612004112

Dimensions : 190 X 132 mm
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• Second season of Casemate's successful Classic War Fiction series
• We see the perspective of ordinary soldiers and generals as they wrestle with daily life in the trenches and conducting the war
• Absorbing psychological drama of one young man's journey from idealism to nihilism

A platoon of inexperienced British soldiers crosses to France, in excited and nervous anticipation of what is to come; they find themselves at Ypres where the battle-weary Allied troops are dug in, and slaughter surrounds them. With their young, upright officer Freddy Mann, they are soon in the thick of it, burying the dead, experiencing the terror of bombardment, being picked off by snipers, with some unable to cope and refusing to go over the top. We see the action through their eyes, from privates to the senior officers of the wider battalion, with a focus on Freddy Mann's journey from idealistic officer barely out of school, to battle-hardened cynic, barely hanging on as those around him are cut down, maimed or crack. Freddy suffers a crisis of faith and loses his belief in the war and everything he once stood for; as he wrestles with his conscience he finds that for all ‘always at the end, is Ypres'.


A classic? Certainly this is a highly rewarding work and a valuable addition to any collection of worthwhile Great War 'fiction'. Highly recommended.
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