Roux the Bandit

André Chamson

The story of Roux the Bandit, a French WWI deserter, who escapes into the mountains of southern France.
Publication date:
August 2016
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Casemate Classic War Fiction
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ISBN : 9781612004174

Dimensions : 190 X 132 mm
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• Second season of Casemate's successful Classic War Fiction series
• Explores issues of morality and conscience
• Charming depiction of French rural life during WWI

Set deep in the mountains of southern France, this charming short novel tells the story of a man from the Cèvennes Mountains called Roux, who refuses to join the army at the outbreak of war in 1914. Instead, he flees and hides in the hills, only returning occasionally to the farm where he left his mother and sisters. The people of the valley condemn his desertion and they hope the police will find his hideout. But as the months and the years go by, and the horrors of the trenches become known, the local people start to understand Roux's actions. Roux begins to appear in the village more often, helping out and explaining that his decision was taken out of respect for the Bible. His arrest at the end of the War is therefore met with sadness and regret. Chamson explores questions of perception, morality and conscience with a lightness of touch coupled with an atmospheric picture of life in a WWI era rural community.


For me, Roux is the hero who had the courage to become an outlaw, to oppose the ideas so solidly adhered to by others. He rejected violence only to suffer from the insults of his community… I admire Chamson's audacity in publishing this advocacy for freedom of choice in the context of the First World War.

This is why Roux the Bandit is such an important book - its freedom.

Henri Veyrier, Editor and Bookseller

While Roux the Bandit is a slender work, in its writing, its simplicity of construction and the exposition of the simple philosophy of a conscientious objector and the growing acceptance of his personal philosophy by his fellow villagers is a gem.
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