The Tank Commander Pocket Manual


Publication date:
June 2016
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Editor :
R. Sheppard
Series :
Pocket Manual
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ISBN : 9781910860168

Dimensions : 180 X 120 mm
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• Published to mark the centenary of the tank
• Rare, previously unpublished documents
• Attractively produced in cloth-bound retro-styled case

From the pioneering tactics and terror of the Blitzkrieg assault, through the carnage of Barbarossa, Kursk, the Desert War, and the Normandy Bocage and the Battle of the Bulge, there were perhaps no more unsettling and merciless positions to occupy in the Second World War than that of a tank commander. This new book puts the reader at the very heart of this "hell on wheels” and presents all of the original information required to perform this most dangerous of wartime battlefield roles. From training manuals and war office memorandums to combat reports and first-hand accounts, The Tank Commander Pocket Manual sits you in the turret position of commander of some of the most fearsome land vehicles. These include the Soviet T-34, the German Panther and its nemesis the American Sherman, the terrifying Tiger I as well as tank variants including flamethrowers and tank destroyers such as the Allied M10 and the StuG III. Original documents, diagrams, technical drawings and reports have been collated and compiled from archives and collections to include original Russian, German and English angles on the commander's many roles including how to ‘run' the rest of the crew of this most decisive weapon of the Second World War.

The Pool of London Pocket Manuals new Pocket-Manual series presents some of the most iconic military, naval and transport machines from the last 100 years by means of compiling the original documents, confidential memos, plans and artworks that contributed to their celebrated history. This approach allows the modern reader both to have an excellent understanding of the development of these extremely influential aircraft, AFVs, ships, automobiles and trains, but also provides the unique opportunity for further interpretation through the study of many previously unpublished original documents, diagrams and illustrations. Every volume in the series is skilfully compiled and researched by the leading experts in their field who also provide a lengthy contextualizing introduction. Superbly priced, retro-styled to their historical period, and beautifully hard-bound in debossed cloth, the Pool of London Pockets sell as self-purchase, gift and are excellently suited to book trade as well as to museum stores and heritage outlets across the world.


This is nicely produced and an interesting read that will doubtless be of interest to many readers…highly recommended.
Military Modelcraft International

Numerous sketches and diagrams support each section to illustrate the subject matter. A fascinating read that I will no doubt refer back to time over time. Highly recommended.
Scale Military Modelller Magazine

‘What this neat little book does is attempt to put the reader - figuratively - into the turret of the tanks that fought in those epic campaigns'

History of War Magazine

this little gem contains a wealth of information that is sure to please anyone with an interest in history and armor...a great treasure trove of lesser known facts about training, tactics and first-hand account reports. The author well documents where she found the information for compiling this book in the "Sources" section and is ideal for someone wanting to conduct their own research on a particular area in the book that interests them…
Armor Modeling and Preservation Society

This is a superb 160-page hardback collation of various articles and reports on tank warfare in WWII...a ‘must' for the serious armoured warfare enthusiast, especially for those with a taste for skirmish warfare.
Miniature Wargames - Chris Jarvis

Ideal for the armour modeller, with plenty of useful material, and useful for the wargamer to follow as well.
Military Model Scene

A good synopsis of tank strategies, many of which remain pertinent to this day. It may be small in stature but packed full of interest.
Classic Military Vehicle Magazine

Today's book should be considered as a must-have for all AFV modelers. Moreover, it can be a nice addition into the library of any military fan, who would like to know more about tanks. Don't look at the size, even though it's a pocket manual, there is plenty of interesting info that will be useful for you.

This new book puts the reader at the very heart of this "hell on wheels” and presents all of the original information required to perform this most dangerous of wartime battlefield roles.
Military Trader