U.S. Army Diamond T Vehicles in World War II

Didier Andres

Illustrated throughout with archival and period photographs and diagrams, this book provides a detailed overview of Diamond T vehicles used by the US army through World War II.
Publication date:
June 2022
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Casemate Publishers
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Alan McKay
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Casemate Illustrated Special
Illustration :
250 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781636241609

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• Provides a detailed overview of all the types of Diamond T vehicles used by the US Army during World War II, including the various heavy 4-ton 6x6 trucks and the renowned half-track
• Written by an experienced author and expert in this field
• Packed with period photos and diagrams

Between 1940 and 1945, the Diamond T Motor Car Company supplied just over 50,000 vehicles to the US military, and also to the Allies. Of these, just over 30,000 were heavy 4-ton 6x6 trucks of varying types: cargo, tow truck, pontoon carrier, engineer, and cartographic. The 'Diamond' would serve in all theatres of operations, wherever its robustness and reliability were necessary to complete the mission. Due to its expertise, Diamond T also produced the famous half-track, with more than 10,000 manufactured.

All of these models are described in this book by Didier Andres, an expert in the subject. It is illustrated throughout using archival and period photographs and diagrams.