What We Do Next Really Matters

What We Do Next Really Matters

Mark Roeder

A bold exploration of of the bold changes we must make to the way we live.
Publication date:
June 2022
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ISBN : 9781922669209

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Our world is at a critical turning point in history, as certainties are swept aside by a global pandemic, climate change and political upheaval. The choices we make over the next few years How we respond to these challenges will resonate for decades and determine whether we usher in a new Age of Enlightenment or a second Dark Ages.

In this compelling book, Mark Roeder makes sense of our predicament, and explains why we must reconsider some of our most fundamental beliefs. Our current path is not sustainable - socially, environmentally or economically. We are literally devouring our planet, and our communities are becoming more polarised and fearful of the future.

The time has come for us to make some bold changes to the way we live. This book explains what these changes should be, and how to implement them.