At The Forward Edge of Battle Volume 2

A History of the Pakistan Armoured Corps

Major General Syed Ali Hamid

The first illustrated history of the Pakistan Armoured Corps. Volume 2, is illustrated by over 100 photographs, 15 colour profiles, and a similar number of maps.
Publication date:
December 2019
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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Illustration :
159 b/w photos/ills, 21 colour profiles, 12 maps (1 in colour), tables
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ISBN : 9781912866335

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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At the Forward Edge of Battle is the first ever illustrated history of the Pakistan Armoured Corps.

The Pakistan Armoured Corps is based on a unique blend of values and traditions inherited from its predecessors, and those of the post-Independence national army. The origins of this force can be traced back to the time when the cavalry units of the British India Army were mechanized, in the late 1930s. They were worked up and then deployed extensively during the Second World War, and further moulded during the post-independence period and two wars with India between 1948-1971. By the 1990s, the Pakistan Armoured Corps had evolved into a modern fighting force in thought, organization, and equipment.

Based on decades of the author's first-hand experience, extensive research with the help of authentic sources and official documentation, this book provides a detailed and richly illustrated description of the build-up and expansion of the Pakistan Armoured Corps, its culture, organisation, doctrine, equipment, bases, a myriad of events and personalities, and combat operations that shaped it over the last 95 years.

At the Forward Edge of Battle, Volume 2, is illustrated with over 100 rare and authentic photographs, 15 colour profiles, and a similar number of maps.


Highly recommended
Military Historical Society Bulletin

A model history of its kind and highly recommended.