Dacia - The Roman Wars

Volume I Sarmizegetusa

Radu Oltean

Richly illustrated narrative of the Rome's wars in Dacia.
Publication date:
May 2021
Publisher :
Karwansaray Publishers
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ISBN : 9789490258115

Dimensions : 12 X 8 mm
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Besides the unusually rich illustrations (over 190 colour images: illustrations, artifacts, maps, monuments), this book offers a fresh view on the Dacian-Roman wars, trying to eliminate as much as possible from the ideological nationalist ballast that came to burden the Romanian view of history. Oltean gathered and adapted most archaeological findings and historical studies, old and new, for a wider public of history lovers. He avoided too much speculation on events that remain unclear for history, but made frequent use of words like "perhaps" and "probably". On occasion, Oltean ventured possible scenarios for the rare instances when historical or archaeological sources were more generous. Some readers may be surprised to discover that events or their interpretation are not at all as learned in school or seen in dramatized movies, in old books and magazines or even in certain museums.