Devil's Toy Box

Exposing and Defusing Promethean Terrorists

Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox shows how to predict and assess the most dangerous terrorist threats likely to emerge in the near future in order to focus on countering them.
Publication date:
June 2022
Publisher :
Potomac Books, Inc.
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ISBN : 9781640124790

Dimensions : 225 X 152 mm
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• Anyone with a grudge will be able to (read: can) now fabricate in their basement weapons whose destructive power dwarfs that of the crude improvised explosive devices terrorists have used until now. Even worse, these emerging technologies can be combined or fused with established technologies in ways those technologies' originators never foresaw or intended
• The nefarious consequences of new technology need to be identified and monitored
• No other book combines an analysis of the challenges posed to homeland security by emerging Promethean technologies with a methodology of forecasting and threat assessment focused on the unique needs of homeland security

A Promethean technology is one that allows someone of average resources, skills, and intelligence to carry out actions that were once only doable by governments, militaries, or institutions with considerable resources. Essentially, Promethean technologies allow users to create their own weapons of mass destruction from their home computer and deploy them globally with a keystroke. These emerging technologies are increasingly affordable and accessible - and are no more complicated to operate than a satellite TV control box or a smart phone. Although these technologies are a terrifying prospect, the more we know about these dangers, the better we can prepare to head them off.

In The Devil's Toy Box, Andrew Fox lays out seven decades of preemptive analysis and shows that while homeland security has explored, in depth, the possible Promethean threats the world faces, it has failed to forecast the most likely attacks. Using actual scenarios Fox teaches how to predict future threats and how to forecast which ones are likely to be used by bad actors within the next five to ten years. Combining the skills of homeland security experts and the imaginations of speculative fiction writers, he then offers an analytical method to deter, counter, or abate these threats, rather than adopting an attitude of resigned fatalism.