They Fought with Extraordinary Bravery!

The III German (Saxon) Army Corps in the Southern Netherlands, 1814

Geert van Uythoven

The story of III German Army Corps in 1814, composed of a mix of units of Napoleon's former Allies Saxony and the Saxon Duchies.
Publication date:
November 2019
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Reason to Revolution
Illustration :
8pp colour plates, 4 b/w maps, 6 b/w ills
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ISBN : 9781912866656

Dimensions : 245 X 170 mm
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In October 1813, the soldiers of one of Napoleon's staunchest Allies, Saxony, defected en masse in the midst of battle at Leipzig. Almost immediately III German Army Corps was formed with these same soldiers as its nucleus and augmented with returning former prisoners of war, volunteers and militia. Commanded by the Duke of Saxe-Weimar the Corps was sent to the Southern Netherlands to take part in the final defeat of Napoleon amidst of a constant changing command of control structure, in which the Swedish Crown Prince Bernadotte played a major and dubious role. Although for the greater part inexperienced and badly armed, fighting against the much superior French I Corps which even contained Imperial Guard units, III Corps struggled to prove that it could be trusted, paying a major role to protect the Netherlands against the French as these regions tried to regain their own identity after decades of French rule.