My Van Gogh

Chandani Lokugé

Set against the fascinating exotics of Australia and France, ‘A haunting mystical reading experience, suffused with history, art, and recovery from trauma. An inspired travelogue… the damaged genius of Van Gogh brooding over the narrative, with hints of both joy and anguish.'
Publication date:
July 2020
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ISBN : 9781925984170

Dimensions : 229 X 152 mm
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• Sri Lankan-Australian author, internationally published and acclaimed

In poetic vignettes set against the fascinating exotics of Australia and France, Chandani Lokugé weaves a haunting and meditative story on the spectral gains and losses of travel, the nature of its transience. Through it, she dignifies with grace and tenderness, our unassuageable yearning, when we have lost everything and even ourselves, to anchor to something, someone, somewhere, and the unexpected moment of our arrival.