Splinter on the Tide

Phillip Parotti

At the height of the Battle of the Atlantic, young Ensign Ash Miller takes command of a new submarine chaser in a desperate fight against the German U-boats.
Publication date:
July 2021
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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ISBN : 9781612009582

Dimensions : 228 X 152 mm
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• Novel about a young officer taking command of a sub chaser during the Battle of the Atlantic
• Fast-paced, engaging fiction, penned by a naval veteran

Ensign Ash Miller USNR, having survived the sinking of his first ship, is promoted and assigned to command one of the sleek new additions to "the splinter fleet," a 110-foot wooden submarine chaser armed with only understrength guns and depth charges. His task is to bring the ship swiftly into commission, weld his untried crew into an efficient fighting unit, and take his vessel to sea in order to protect the defenseless Allied merchant vessels which are being maliciously and increasingly sunk by German U-Boats, often within sight of the coast.

Ash rises to the deadly challenge he faces, brings his crew of three officers and 27 men to peak performance, and meets the threats he faces with understated courage and determination, rescuing stricken seamen, destroying Nazi mines, fighting U-Boats, and developing both the tactical sense and command authority that will be the foundation upon which America's citizen sailors eventually win the war. During rare breaks in operations, provided for upkeep and overhaul, Ash enters a developing relationship with the spirited Claire Morris who, as he learns, embodies the peaceful ideal for which he has been fighting.


A page-turning historical portrayal of love, war, hardship and discovery of the true cost for sailors' survival. Those who were at sea in any war time will savor every page.
Maria Riva, best-selling NY Times author of Marlene Dietrich

People won't forget the visceral impact of these real-life characters. Ordinary people, pushed to extraordinary ends, surviving the true horrors of war accurately portrayed. A military, naval, novel you won't want to put down.
Ron Lealos, author of Don't Mean Nuthin' and Pashtun

This enjoyable if tension-free sea adventure from Parotti spotlights a seldom-seen aspect of WWII—the escort ships that protected ocean travel along the U.S. East Coast from German U-boat attacks.
Publishers Weekly