Bounty the Greatest Sea Story of Them All

Geoff D'Eon

The unforgettable story of a famous eighteenth century mutiny aboard The Bounty, and the Lunenberg County-built replica that starred with Marlon Brando in a Hollywood film, and was later sailed by a fearless captain straight into destruction.
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September 2018
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50+ full colour & b&w images
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ISBN : 9781459505445

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• Fully illustrated with paintings, photographs and artifacts

This is the story of two thrilling generations of Bounty. First, the original eighteenth century British Naval Transport ship, on which the most infamous mutiny in British naval history played out. Pulling together details from various contemporary accounts of these events author and filmmaker Geoff D'Eon tells the tale of a harsh leader cast out to sea who miraculously finds his way back to England and pursues his beached subordinates in search of justice. Then the glorious twentieth century Hollywood recreation of Bounty from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and her crew spend delightful weeks in the South Pacific. Years later, Bounty fights for survival as her captain sails her straight into violent Hurricane Sandy. A dramatic rescue effort saves the crew, but the ship, the captain and one young crew member are lost.Spanning four centuries, this is a story of romance, risk, exotic travel, cruelty, lust, loyalty, jealousy, misadventure, hubris, heroism and death. Fully illustrated with paintings, photographs and artifacts, this book tells one of the greatest sea stories of them all.