The Submarine Commander Pocket Manual 1939–1945

Chris McNab

Publication date:
October 2018
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Pocket Manual
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30 b/w images & photos
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ISBN : 9781612006550

Dimensions : 180 X 120 mm
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• Latest in the attractive, entertaining and informative Pocket Manual series
• Uses material from rarely seen manuals and combat reports with modern introductions by expert Chris McNab

Submarine commanders in WWII dealt with both enormous risk and responsibility; charged with sinking enemy shipping whilst avoiding detection, they had to correctly locate and identify enemy craft, getting close enough to strike whilst attempting to safeguard the lives of their crew. It was a deadly game; the Germans lost over 600 U-boats during the war, and one in five submariners in the US Navy were killed, the highest proportion of any of the services.

The Submarine Commander Pocket Manual gives a fascinating insight into life beneath the waves, and what was required to operate a submarine, from diving and surfacing to attack strategies and evading detection. From training manuals to combat reports and first-hand accounts, this volume has collated documents, diagrams and photos from American, British and German archives to demonstrate both the fascinating technical and tactical aspects of running a submarine, and the calm nerves needed to outwit your opponent and live to fight another day in the war at sea.


The next major war will undoubtedly be very different from the last but this would be a very useful primer to be read by anyone with an ambition to command a submarine in the next one. It will also be of considerable interest to any naval history enthusiast.
Baird Maritime

All in all, this small and reasonably priced book provides much specialist information not readily available elsewhere.
Naval Review

… there really is a huge amount of information crammed into this book and for the token price of just £8.99, this really is a must for anyone with even the remotest interest in Second World War submarine operations.
Editor - Model Boat World

All in all, this book, small and reasonably priced, provides much specialist information not readily available elsewhere.
Rear Admiral Michael Harris