Capital of Spies

Intelligence Agencies in Berlin During the Cold War

Bernd von Kostka, Sven Felix Kellerhoff

An illustrated account of the intelligence services operating in Cold War Berlin.
Publication date:
November 2021
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Illustration :
b/w images throughout
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ISBN : 9781636240008

Dimensions : 228 X 152 mm
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• Details the intelligence services working in Berlin throughout the Cold War
• Complete with photographs and illustrations
• The first English translation of bestselling "Hauptstadt der Spione", which has been printed in four editions in German.

For almost half a century, the hottest front in the Cold War was right across Berlin. From summer 1945 until 1990, the secret services of NATO and the Warsaw Pact fought an ongoing duel in the dark. Throughout the Cold War, espionage was part of everyday life in both East and West Berlin, with German spies playing a crucial part of operations on both sides: Erich Mielke's Stasi and Reinhard Gehlen's Federal Intelligence Service, for example.

The construction of the wall in 1961 changed the political situation and the environment for espionage - the invisible front was now concreted and unmistakable. but the fundamentals had not changed: Berlin was and would remain the capital of spies until the fall of the Berlin Wall, a fact which makes it all the more surprising that there are hardly any books about the work of the secret services in Berlin during the Cold War. Journalist Sven Felix Kellerhoff and historian Bernd von Kostka describe the spectacular successes and failures of the various secret services based in the city.


A brilliant and totally authoritative account of espionage activities in the city that was at the centre of Cold War spying. Completely fascinating.
William Boyd, award-winning and best-selling author