Armor Attacks

The Tank Platoon: an Interactive Exercise in Small-unit Tactics and Leadership

John F. Antal

Publication date:
August 2020
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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ISBN : 9781612009148

Dimensions : 228 X 152 mm
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You are the hero of this unique interactive fiction! More specifically, you are the leader of a U.S. Army M1 Abrams tank platoon. Throughout the work, you will have an opportunity to make life-or-death decisions, and the story will develop according to the choices you make. As you progress through the book, you will learn important tactical and operational lessons. Whether you are a tank platoon leader, or expect to be, or an armchair military enthusiast, you will find this book highly entertaining and instructive.

There are two operations for you to conduct, an assault and a counter-reconnaissance mission. In each you must bring your knowledge and judgment to bear on the scenario in order to achieve the objective. If you choose wrong, defeat and even death may be your lot. If you succeed, you savor the taste of victory and live to fight another day. The scenarios are highly realistic, and there are maps and appendices with detailed specifications of the hardware involved to help you make informed decisions. Short of signing up for advanced training, this book is the best way to sharpen your war-fighting capabilities in a hurry.