Eagles of Destiny

Volume 1: Birth and Growth of the Royal Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Air Force, 1947-1971

Usman Shabbir, Yawar Mazhar

The first detailed reconstruction of the built-up and operational history of the Pakistan Air Force based on official documentation.
Publication date:
December 2021
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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Illustration :
80 b/w photos, 10 colour photos, 12 colour profiles
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ISBN : 9781914377037

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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• The first ever definite history of the Royal Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Air Force based on official documentation; based entirely on first research, largely containing unpublished material, and prepared by two top experts to this topic
• Lavishly illustrated with exclusive photography

To say that the Pakistan Air Force has an eventful history would not be an overstatement. Right from inception it was in the thick of things supporting ground troops in Kashmir, while trying to stand on its own feet. Two major wars ensued in which it performed well against a numerically superior force. Eagles of Destiny covers the early years of Royal Pakistan Air Force, while still being led by seconded Royal Air Force personnel and operating under a British model, through to being led by Pakistani officers and its transformation into a first-rate tactical force based on the American approach to air operations. The acquisition of assets under British leadership and later via the American Mutual Defence Assistance Program are covered in detail as are the resulting changes in operational concepts. The major wars with India during 1965 and 1971 are also covered in detail, including the intervening period, where an American arms embargo brought in drastic changes and a flare for improvisation.

Eagles of Destiny is based on extensive research conducted over more than 20 years, including interviewing large number of officers, many of whom shaped the events along with access to numerous British, American and Pakistani archives.

Eagles of Destiny is illustrated by hundreds of unique photographs, some never published before, giving a visual treat and insight into those days.