The Bravest Battell

Cheriton 1644 and the end of the Royalist Winter campaign in Hampshire

Serena Jones

A re-examination of the decisive defeat of the Royalists at the Battle of Cheriton in March 1644, using both contemporary 17th century sources and insights gleaned from 21st century investigative technology.
Publication date:
June 2022
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Century of the Soldier
Illustration :
8 colour plates, 10 b/w ills, 5 maps
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ISBN : 9781912390977

Dimensions : 248 X 180 mm
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The battle of Cheriton, in March 1644, was a decisive yet unexpected defeat for the Hampshire detachment of King Charles's ‘Oxford Army'. Despite starting the day in a strong position on high ground, by the end of it the Royalists had been decisively routed and had fled north towards Basing House, Oxford, and Reading. Charles had intended that in 1644 he would threaten the Parliament's strongholds in London and the south-east, but after Cheriton he found himself on the back foot and fighting to keep Oxford - and indeed himself - from the dual clutches of Sir William Waller and the Earl of Essex. In this book Serena Jones re-examines the battle by revisiting in detail the numerous contemporary sources such as memoirs and printed newsbooks, and for the first time using drone images to view a critical section of the battlefield from above.