Up Came Hill

The Story of the Light Division and Its Leaders

Martin Schenck

Publication date:
February 2018
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811737340

Dimensions : 216 X 138 mm
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The last name spoken on their deathbeds by R. R. Lee and Stonewall Jackson was that of their great subordinate, A. P. Hill. Lee's final words, "Tell A. P. Hill to come up” keynote the story of the Culpeper redhead and his hard hitting light division. For the Light Division always did come up at the critical moment to save the day for the Army of Northern Virginia.
The gallantry and dash of Powell Hill's Cavalier ancestors characterized his own career and death on the battlefield. He and his officers and men saw more frontline action than most of lee's army. But their dreadful losses and other vicissitudes of campaigning left a searing imprint on the former U.S. Army captain whose normally friendly spirit had to be submerged by the stern requirements of combat leadership. In less than three years he rose to the rank of corps commander and at the end was Lee's closets adviser.
Hill's officers and men returned the loyalty and esteem which he game them and, responding to the flame of his unquenchable fighting s