A Shau Valor

American Combat Operations in the Valley of Death, 1963–1971

Thomas Yarborough

A thoroughly documented study of nine years of American combat operations encompassing the crucial frontier valley and a 15-mile radius around it—the most deadly killing ground of the entire Vietnam War.
Publication date:
October 2020
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Casemate Publishers
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b/w photographs and maps
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• New paperback edition of this prize-winning book
• Winner of the Military Writers Society of America's 2017 Gold Medal for History
• Finalist, 2016 Army Historical Society Distinguished Writing Award

"Colonel Thomas Yarborough spent his time in the air over the A Shau Valley, but hehas detailed knowledge of what took place on the ground. He insightfully covers theinfantryman's hardships, difficulties, and physical price paid. Thanks to his extensiveresearch, study, and personal knowledge, Tom describes the nine-year war in the AShau in riveting detail. This book is a ‘must read' for all interested in why we did notclose and win that war.” - Wesley L. Fox, Colonel USMC (Ret), Medal of Honorrecipient and author of Marine Rifleman: Forty-Three Years in the Corps

"Tom Yarborough provides a gripping, fast paced, page-turning account of America'sfinest warriors who fought in and above the most strategically important terrain inVietnam. A masterful blend of history, national strategy, and warrior ethos whichsimultaneously highlights leadership attributes at every level. A must read for allwarriors, scholars, and students of leadership. Additionally, it is a great tribute to thewarriors who fought, and those who died, in the A Shau Valley." - General H. HughShelton, U.S. Army (Ret), A Shau veteran, 14th Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, andauthor of Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior

"... this is the first volume that looks solely at fighting in the A Shau during virtually theentire Vietnam War. It is a worthy endeavor." - The VVA Veteran

"... arguably the first full length account of American combat in the valley, stands as asterling testament to the extraordinary courage- no less than 15 Medals of Honorwere awarded for actions in and around the valley- displayed by the men who foughtand died there." - Vietnam Magazine

"The North Vietnamese Army and the US Army clashed frequently in this strategicvalley near the Ho Chi Min trail. The author covers the nine years of fighting thatoccurred there." - Military Heritage

"This is a truly remarkable, well-written, thought-provoking book...will appeal to awide audience interested in gaining a better understanding of the Vietnam War" - OnPoint: The Journal of Army History

"Yarborough's work is replete with repeated references to the valor of those whoserved in this hotly-contested section of Vietnam... Highly recommended for thoseinterested in this important part of the War in Vietnam." - Military Writer's Society of America

"A must-read book for anyone wanting to understand the success and failures of theU.S. military on the battlefields in Vietnam." - The Journal of America's Military Past

Throughout the Vietnam War, one focal point persisted where the trainedprofessionals of the North Vietnamese and U.S. armies repeatedly fought head-to-head. A Shau Valor is a thoroughly documented study of nine years of American combat operations encompassing the crucial frontier valley and a 15-mile radiusaround it - the most deadly killing ground of the entire Vietnam War.