First In, Last Out

First In, Last Out

An American Paratrooper in Vietnam with the 101st and Vietnamese Airborne

John Howard

This unique book blends memoir with history, combining firsthand accounts of combat, deep research, and thoughtful analysis.
Publication date:
October 2017
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Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811719629

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Fresh out of West Point, John Howard arrived for his first tour in Vietnam in 1965, the first full year of escalation when U.S. troop levels increased to 184,000 from 23,000 the year before. When he returned for a second tour in 1972, troop strength stood at 24,000 and would dwindle to a mere 50 the following year. He thus participated in the very early and very late stages of American military involvement in the Vietnam War. His two tours--one as a platoon commander and member of an elite counterguerrilla force, the second as a senior advisor to the South Vietnamese--provide a fascinating lens through which to view not only one soldier's experience in Vietnam, but also the country's.