Burn, Bomb, Destroy

The Sabotage Campaign of the German Secret Services in North America 1914–1918

Michael Digby

The true story of German secret agents engaged in a campaign of subversion and terror in the United States before and during World War I.
Publication date:
December 2021
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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ISBN : 9781636240046

Dimensions : 228 X 152 mm
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• First book to show quite how false the belief that World War I was fought "over there" in the mud of France and Belgium.
• Explains how the bomb designs used by German agents were adopted by anarchists and criminal bombers long after the war.
• The author brings his experience and knowledge as a former detective and bomb disposal officer to this topic.

Many believe that World War I was only fought "over there," as the popular 1917 song goes, in the trenches and muddy battlefields of Northern France and Belgium - they are wrong.

There was a secret war fought in America; on remote railway bridges and waterways linking the United States and Canada, aboard burning and exploding ships in the Atlantic Ocean, in the smoldering ruins of America's bombed and burned-out factories, munitions plants and railway centers and waged in carefully disguised clandestine workshops where improvised explosive devices and deadly toxins were designed and manufactured. It was irregular warfare on a scale that caught the United States woefully unprepared.

This is the true story of German secret agents engaged in a campaign of subversion and terror on the American homeland before and during World War I.


...excellently researched and gripping. […] A mix of stunning revelation, to those previously uninitiated, and expertly told detail that explains and enhances through a well-crafted and logical flow; this book's appeal will range from period enthusiasts to those who are simply looking for an exciting and historically accurate account.
Liam FitzGerald-Finch QGM, Former British Army Ammunition Technical Officer