Sainte-Mère Église

The 82nd US Airborne Division

Christophe Prime, Eric Belloc

Publication date:
March 2021
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ISBN : 9782815105521

Dimensions : 265 X 200 mm
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This book containing more than 200 photographs and many testimonies will immerse you in the heart of the furious battles fought by the American paras to liberate and hold Sainte-Mère-Église and surroundings. It will make you discover the extraordinary history of creation of the American airborne weapon and the epic of troopers and gliders of the 82nd Airborne of Sicily in the heart of
Germany via Normandy and the Netherlands.

The authors also return to the moving history of the village in the aftermath of the war. The presence of two large cemeteries provisional on the territory of the municipality for three years and the recognition of the population towards its liberators allowed to build very close friendships between the locals and the All Americans.