Armored Personnel Carrier M2/M3/M4 Half-Track

Slawomir Zajaczkowski

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November 2019
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Top Drawings
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Drawing sheets, colour profiles
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ISBN : 9788366148604

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In the ‘30s, Americans began working on a modern vehicle for cavalry reconnaissance and artillery units in freshly formed armoured and motorized units. The American command became interested in French half-track vehicle designs. On their basis the American industry proposed its own solutions. In 1938, White Motor Company created a vehicle called T-7, which was a combination of the design of the M3 scout car and the T-9 half-track transporter. Year later, a version with a more powerful engine was prepared. The new car was designated T-14 and used mainly by artillery units. In 1940, the project was renamed M2 and put into production.