Duks in Royal Serbian Air Force

Dragan Z Saler, Aleksandar M Ognjevic

A highly illustrated and historical examination of the famous Duks in Royal Serbian Air Force.
Publication date:
January 2021
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Series :
Famous Airplanes
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Color profiles, diagrams, and archival photos
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ISBN : 9788366673113

Dimensions : 297 X 211 mm
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In mid-1909, Meller's factory made the first aircraft, according to the brothers Wright model of Flyer A. It was constructed by experienced factory engineer Jevgrafov (Н.П. Евграфов). He was already engaged on the project and construction of the Duks airship "Jastreb" (Ястреб), so that he was familiar with all the structural elements of aircraft. The test flights were not performed because the factory couldn't provide the appropriate engine. The aircraft was nevertheless shown at an aviation exhibit at the end of 1909, together with the aircraft of famous manufacturers from Europe.

Meller realized on time that Russia could not long fall behind the advanced European countries in the aeronautics development, especially the military one. His plan was that the Duks factory should soon start producing aircraft in larger series, initially under license. The problem was that he should choose the right model of the many that broke records every day in those years.

During 1910, Henry Farman "HF III" aircraft became extremely popular in France, despite their structural imperfection. They were made in two versions, for training and for competition. They had a series of record flights and they often won prizes on many aeronautical competitions. They served as models to many constructors even beyond the borders of France. It was this very aircraft that Meller chose for serial production.