Italy's Honour and Liberty

Italy's Honour and Liberty

A Guide to Wargaming the Great Italian Wars, 1494-1559

Ken Riley

The ultimate Wargaming guide on the colourful Italian Wars of 1494 - 1559.
Publication date:
October 2021
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Helion Wargames
Illustration :
50-60 colour ills, 8 colour maps
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ISBN : 9781914059650

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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• New in Paperback
• Comprehensive coverage of the period of History and how to recreate the Italian Wars on the tabletop
• Written by recognised expert in the period
• Colourful and inspiring photos of wargames figures
• The essential introduction to helping you get started in the period

You could sum up the Italian Wars of 1494 - 1559 in one word and that is Colourful. This guide to Wargaming the period helps you bring that spectacle to the table top. Everything you need is here to begin recreating battles in this exciting time in history.

The period saw the end of the dominance over battlefield of the heavily armoured mounted Men at Arms and the use of huge seemingly unstoppable Pike Blocks containing thousands of soldiers. Foot soldiers fought with Pike, Polearm, Sword and on occasion the fearsome Zweihander. Ranged warfare saw the Crossbow fall out of favour and the development and increased use of Gunpowder. No single arm was dominant, careful use of the combined qualities of the various troop types was therefore essential for victory.

Dress for the soldiers of the time was very flamboyant consisting of bright clothing of many different colours and hats adorned with large feather plumes. Huge flags, in great numbers flew above each of the units which made a spectacular sight on the Battlefield. When you transfer this to the tabletop these characteristics produce one of the most visual and instantly recognisable periods of history in the wargaming hobby.

The book begins with a brief historical overview of the Italian Wars before moving on to look at the different troop types in the conflict and how they are represented on the table. The author, with a little help from some friends will then guide you through building and painting your forces. Then with the troops mustered its time to get them on the table and roll some dice, included is a guide to refighting the first battle of the wars Fornovo along with some fictitious scenarios.

So why not put on a pair of stripey trousers, a flouncy shirt and a feathered hat and start gaming The Italian Wars today?