Panavia Tornado

Salvador Mafe Huertas

A detailed examination of a unique European fighter aircraft for the popular In Combat series.
Publication date:
April 2021
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In Combat
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Drawing sheets, 8 color profiles, 200 archival photos, poster
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ISBN : 9788366673175

Dimensions : 297 X 211 mm
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Panavia Tornado - a twin-engine fighter-bomber and a heavy, two-seater fighter plane with variable wing geometry produced in cooperation with Great Britain, Germany and Italy. There are three main versions of the Tornado aircraft: the Tornado IDS (Interdictor / Strike) attack version, the Tornado ADV (Air Defense Variant) interceptor version and the Tornado ECR (Electronic Combat / Reconaissance) electronic combat version.


Some of the pictures in the book are stunning examples of how some people can get a picture just right.

...a great primer or starter book for someone with an interest in the "mud mover” non air defence variant of the Tornado.
Aviation Enthusiast Book Club

This publication will prove useful regardless of your preferred scale.

The book is filled with photographs, some of which are superb, and include a balance of RAF, German, and Italian planes. The colour graphic illustrations are excellent (an A4 print of the cover comes with the book), so that if you wanted to build a model, most of your bases will be covered by this book. I think old Tornado crews will enjoy this as will anyone wanting a guide to the plane.
Wargames Illustrated