As Stubble to our Swords

As Stubble to our Swords

Scenarios and Army Lists for The Kingdom Is Ours Fast Play Rules for Wargaming the English Civil War Period

Andy Miles

Army lists and scenarios to enable the gamer to build historically accurate armies and fight games as part of a linked campaign. Suitable for all rulesets.

Publication date:
January 2020
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
c 50 colour photos, diags, maps
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ISBN : 9781912174072

Dimensions : 248 X 180 mm
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• New expansion book for the Kingdom is Ours rules
• Ideal to use with other rule systems
• Unique army lists that help you build up your forces
• Scenario-based games for you to enjoy
• 'How to paint' features

Following on from the success of The Kingdom is Ours English Civil War fast play rules set comes the first of its companion volumes As Stubble to our Swords. This new supplement is full of features and games ideas that build upon the existing rule system.

English Civil War enthusiasts Andy Miles and Charles Singleton have created a series of highly playable scenarios and army lists to develop your forces from. The scenarios chosen aim to present the player with new games, whilst the army lists offer a fresh interpretation of the forces that fought in the conflict. Whilst written with the original set of rules in mind, the lists and scenarios are easily adaptable to other popular gaming systems. Some of the country's leading figure painting experts also show their techniques in easy step by step guides.