The Army of George II 1727-1760

The Soldiers who Forged an Empire

Peter Brown

This book provides details of the recruitment, organisation, equipment, logistics, and command of the Army of King George II from 1727 to 1760.
Publication date:
November 2020
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
From Reason to Revolution
Illustration :
c 30 b/w ills., 16pp colour plates
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ISBN : 9781913118969

Dimensions : 248 X 180 mm
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• First detailed examination of the army as a whole
• Looks not just at the uniforms of the army, but how it was recruited, funded, and organised
• Examines the army's experience and performance in battle
• Provides details for the first time of the army's medical, commissariat, and logistical arms

The Army of George II is often forgotten, as 18th century British military history is bookended by the victories of the Duke of Marlborough during the War of the Spanish Succession and the final defeat of Napoleon by the Duke of Wellington. Yet it was in this period that Britain rose to prominence, not only as a European, but also as a world power, defeating the French in India, North America, and the Caribbean and fighting them in two major wars in Europe. Great leaders emerged, such as Robert Clive and James Wolfe, whilst the private soldiers proved themselves to be adaptable, stoic, and, above all, brave in the face of extreme hardship. This was the army that crushed French colonial ambitions and in so doing laid the groundwork for the British Empire.

In this book you will find details of how the army was recruited, funded, and how it functioned day-to-day. Details are also provided of the uniforms worn by infantry, artillery, and cavalry; how they were organised, paid, and punished. There are also new insights into the logistics of 18th century warfare, how the soldiers performed in battle, both in Europe and in the colonies, and what medical treatment they could expect when the battles were over. This book provides a unique insight into what it was like to serve in the Army of King George II.


This single volume contains all the background information a wargamer could require. Good value and highly recommended.
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