Finding Your Father's War

A Practical Guide to Researching and Understanding Service in the World War II U.S. Army

Jonathan Gawne

A guide to all military divisions of the US army and how to conduct research to trace members.
Publication date:
November 2020
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Illustration :
Illustrated throughout
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ISBN : 9781612008950

Dimensions : 254 X 178 mm
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• A revised edition of this invaluable guide for those researching their relative's war

In this fully revised edition of Finding Your Father's War, military historian Jonathan Gawne has written an easily accessible handbook for anyone seeking greater knowledge of their relatives' experience in World War II, or indeed anyone seeking a better understanding of the U.S. Army during World War II. With over 470 photographs, charts, and an engaging narrative with many rare insights into wartime service, this book is an invaluable tool for understanding our "citizen soldiers," who once rose as a generation to fight the greatest war in American history.


Jonathan's Gawne's book is a 5-star blueprint, well-written and beautifully illustrated, to deciphering a loved one's WW2 US Army service.
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