Décorations Allemandes

Militaires (1935-1945) et Civiles (1919-1945)

Hormann Jörg-M, A. Behr Volker

Publication date:
November 2020
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ISBN : 9782840485384

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This exceptional book with no equivalence in French shows all the German military decorations instituted in Germany between 1935 and 1945 in the form of precise notes, accompanied by high quality photographs by Jörg-M Hormann, then the civilian decorations (including the RAD or the Westwall among others) presented by Volker A. Behr.
Military decorations:
- 1931-1935: Insignias for mountain guides, sport, the Luftwaffe pilots and observers (Flugzeugführer, Beobachter), 1914-1918 War Cross of Honour.
- 1936-1937: Wehrmacht service decoration, Luftwaffe and Heer Fallschirm-schützen-Abzeichen rescue medal
-1938-1939: SS Service medals, Commemorative Medals for the return of Memel, 13 March 1938 and 1 October 1938, Spanish Civil War decorations, etc.
- 1939: Iron Cross, Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, Wounded Medal, Sub-mariner Insignia, War Merit Cross, Infantry and Panzers combat insignias.
- 1940: Ehrenpokal, General Assault Insignia, Narwikschild, War Merit Medal, etc.
- 1941: Flak Insignia, Gold German Cross; etc.
- 1942: Tank Destroyer insignia, Luftwaffe Ground Fighting and Winter Campaign medal, Cholmschild, Krimschild, "Kreta” sleeve band.
- 1943: "Afrika” sleeve band, Demjanskschild, Kubanschild, etc.
- 1944: Heer Sharpshooter Insignia, "Metz” sleeve band, Warschauschild, 20 July 1944 Wounded Insignia, etc.
- 1945: "Kurland” Sleeve band, aircraft destruction insignia, etc.
Each note is classified by the date the decoration was created.

In the second part, concerning the civilian decorations, first are those which were created during the Weimar Republic, then the Olympic Games medals, the Firemen, the Luftschutz, the German Mothers, the Police, the Red Cross, etc.
This 338-page colour volume translated and adapted from the German is an essential and a precise tool for all Second World War collectors or history buffs.