Uniformes, équipements, matériel personnel du fantassin japonais, 1931-1945

Augustin Saiz

Publication date:
December 2017
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ISBN : 9782840484400

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So little is known about the weapons, uniforms and living conditions of  World War II Japanese soldiers (Heitai), these almost undisputed conquerors who operated throughout East Asia during the conflict. Through this magnificently illustrated book, the reader can finally have a glimpse into the personal possessions of the soldiers of the Imperial Army. Drawing upon an impressive collection - carefully preserved through the decades - every aspect of an Heitai's daily existence is detailed with beautiful photos accompanied by a description. All items are classified, from weapons to clothes (tropical and polar) through to food, communication equipment, decorations, helmets, badges, devices of vision, gas masks, water bottles, cameras, tents and shoes. Also included are Propaganda posters and readings provided to the Heitai during long quiet periods of service, isolated on the Pacific islands.


By studying the equipment of Japanese soldiers - from the dagger to the toothbrush, and from the grenade to underwear face=Calibri>- we can uncover the history of these soldiers in a more in depth and evocative way than the cinema or a text could ever achieve. At the same time, it is interesting to note the differences and similarities between the equipment of an Imperial Army fighter and that of a GI.


"Heitai” is an exceptional work on the Imperial Army that provides unique insights of the Japanese fighters, formerly America's most formidable enemy.