A Nurse's Life

A Nurse's Life

Caring from the Cradle to the Grave

Geralyn Hynes

Tells the remarkable story of one woman's devotion to a life of care in the medical profession and discusses the challenges facing nursing today.
Publication date:
September 2022
Publisher :
Liffey Press
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ISBN : 9781739789220

Dimensions : 229 X 152 mm


• Insightful, moving, funny and thought-provoking: this is a nurse's personal journey from midwidery to palliative care
• Tackles head-on many of the challenges facing the changing nursing profession today
• Includes many of the author's entertaining personal stories from her years on the front line
• Reflects on the importance of care within healthcare: the author experienced this first-hand whilst receiving treatment for a brain tumour

A Nurse's Life tells the remarkable story of one woman's devotion to a life of care in the medical profession. Beginning her career as a midwife, Geralyn later became an authority in palliative care, but throughout her goal has always been about understanding what it means to truly care for another person. That is precisely what she does in this book: portray the essence of nursing.

After years in the hospital wards Geralyn decided it was time for a change and volunteered to work for Concern Worldwide in a two-year post among the most needy in Bangladesh. Here she learned first-hand about the link between poverty and health care. Upon her return to Ireland she returned to academia and enrolled in an MsC programme at Trinity College Dublin. Eventually she became Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at Trinity.

Interspersed between her highly entertaining personal stories as a nurse, Geralyn expounds on many of the key issues in the nursing profession today: the changing nature of nursing and environment of care; challenges in providing person-centred care in the hospital setting, the essential qualities needed to be a good nurse; the problematic doctor/nurse/administration relationship; the future of nursing and possible ways to address the current challenges; and much more.

More recently, Geralyn experienced nursing from the other side when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour that while benign meant surgery, radiotherapy and several new chronic conditions as a result. This has given her a deeper, first-hand understanding of nursing and the extraordinary reality of loving care.