Memoirs of a Medical Maverick

Risteárd Mulcahy

Publication date:
March 2015
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781907593024

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Memoirs of a Medical Maverick offers a unique and often surprising insight into the rich, varied and extraordinary life of one of the most prominent, respected and outspoken medical men in Ireland. As the son of a well-known politician and national military hero, some might think Risteárd Mulcahy's life would have been one of comfort and privilege - but they'd be wrong.


A refreshingly candid memoir, Medical Maverick charts the personal and professional life of a true Irish progressive. Risteárd revisits his childhood in Rathmines (complete with cows, chickens and armed guards outside the family home), his fast times as a young doctor in London, his early career delivering babies in some of Dublin's worst slums, the breakdown of his marriage and his eminent career in cardiology and high-profile health campaigner as one of the first anti-smoking advocates in the country.


What emerges perhaps more than anything is the way Risteárd has lived a free, liberal and progressive life - which may not have always been the easiest option, considering the general climate of fifties and sixties Ireland, but undoubtedly proved to be the most varied and fulfilling.