I Am With You Still

Faith Reflections from a Covid-19 World

Fintan Monahan

Explorations and reflections on faith during a global pandemic.
Publication date:
September 2021
Publisher :
Veritas Books
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ISBN : 9781847309822

Dimensions : 180 X 130 mm
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As we have experienced the shifting sands of the Covid-19 pandemic, our everyday lives have undergone significant changes. The so-called ‘new normal' of lockdowns, social distancing and limiting contacts have challenged us all physically, mentally and in many cases financially. These changes have also had a profound effect on our relationship with God and how we express and experience our faith. While some have found opportunity in this time to reconnect and refocus in their lives, for others the fear and uncertainty have raised many difficult questions, such as 'Where is God in all of this?'

In I Am With You Still, seventeen voices from across Ireland and further afield, from different backgrounds and faiths, reflect on the impact of the pandemic on their lives and their faith, and look forward with hope to the future. Throughout the book, writer and broadcaster John Quinn provides a series of short reflections, memories and poems written during lockdown that capture something of our journey through the universal time of isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.