The Fourth R for the Third Millennium

Education in Religion and Values for the Global Future

Publication date:
December 2001
Publisher :
Veritas Books
Editor :
Leslie J. Francis, Jeff Astley, Mandy Robbins
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ISBN : 9781853905070

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In this exciting and thought-provoking collection of essays, key Christian religious educators from America, Australia, Britain and Europe address the crucial role of education in religion and values for critiquing and shaping the major social, political and moral issues facing us in the third millennium.Professor Jeff Astley (UK) examines the challenges posed by science. He demonstrates how religious education is crucial to the proper shaping of scientific progress.Professor Friedrich Schweitzer (Germany) confronts the challenges of supranational and global developments. He argues that education in inter-religious dialogue is essential for international co-operation and for our future society.Professor Mary Elizabeth Moore (US) tackles the challenges of ethnic diversity and biodiversity. She argues that religious education holds the key to releasing the world from ethnic oppression and ecological destruction.Professor Brian V. Hill (Australia) analyses the challenges confronting young people in the global village. He maintains that religious education can enfranchise young people in their personal search for meaning.Other contributors include Dr J. Mark Halstead (UK), Dr Eleanor Nesbitt (UK), Dr Heinz Streib (Germany), Dr Andrew Wright (UK), and Professor Hans-Georg Zieberz (Germany).ABOUT THE EDITORSThe Rev. Professor Astley is Director of the North of England Institute for Christian Education. The Rev. Professor Leslie J. Francis is Director for the Welsh National Centre for Religious Education at the University of Wales, Bangor. Mandy Robins is Teaching and Research Fellow in the Welsh National Centre for Religious Education at the University of Wales, Bangor.