Marksmen through the Ages

Gary Yee

A short history of sharpshooters, marksmen and snipers.
Publication date:
June 2017
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Casemate Short History
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ISBN : 9781612004860

Dimensions : 198 X 125 mm
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• Part of the new Casemate Short History series
• Attractively packaged with eye-catching covers
• Authoritative and accessible introductions to military history topics
• There is perennial interest in snipers, and this book covers the evolution of sharpshooters and their development into modern snipers

Throughout history, the best marksmen in any military force have been employed as marksmen or sharpshooters, and equipped with the best available weapons. The German states made the first serious use of sharpshooters on the battlefield during the Seven Years' War in the 18th century. Some of these talented riflemen were then employed as mercenaries in America, where the tactical use of the rifle in wooded terrain was valued.

By the Revolutionary Wars, American riflemen were formidable, able to blend into the landscape and take out targets at long range. Their potential was noted by the British who began to train rifle units; during the Napoleonic Wars, the Green Jackets were the elite of the British army. The mid-19th century saw the development of optical sights, meaning that the units of sharpshooters raised in the Civil War were even more lethal.

The accuracy of German sniper fire in the trenches in World War I provoked the British Army to create sniper schools, manuals, and counter-sniping tactics. However, lessons were not learned and the outbreak of World War II saw almost all major powers unprepared for sniping or counter-sniping, meaning that talented marksmen like Simö Häyhä were able to accrue massive scores. In this accessible introduction packed with firsthand accounts, sniping expert Gary Yee explores the history of the marksman, his weapons and tactics from the flintlock era through to the present day.


I've always thought that the term "sharpshooter" referred either to cowboys during the period we used to refer to as the Wid West, or else the guns they carried. Gary Yee sets the record straight with a brilliant account of marksmen through the ages, since the use of rifles and guns became prevalent.
Books Monthly

These books would be excellent for someone with an early interest in military history or for someone talking history at school. Very readable and easy to understand with some good illustrations.
Army Rumour Service

A concise review of sniping across centuries, this book highlights the continuous significance of professional sniping in combat success.
Tapio Saarelainen, sniper expert and author of 'The White Sniper'