The Avro Arrow

The story of the great Canadian Cold War combat jet--in pictures and documents

Lawrence Miller

Using hundreds of photos, most in colour, along with original documents, this book tells the amazing story of the construction and demolishment of the Avro Arrow -- a key development in Canada’s Cold War history.
Publication date:
October 2014
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200 colour and b&w visuals
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ISBN : 9781459407275

Dimensions : 254 X 203 cm
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• With original documents and colour photographs
• Provides new details on plans for a passenger jet before the Concorde
• Tells why plans for continuing the Arrow were scrapped

When it first flew in 1957, the Avro Arrow was the world's best supersonic combat aircraft. It was the proudest achievement of the engineers and designers who came out of Canada's world-leading aircraft industry. They had delivered other notable aircraft, including the world's first passenger jet, but the Arrow put them ahead of everyone else in the field.

The Arrow was designed to protect Canada against the military threat posed by the Soviet Union and its long-bombers loaded with nuclear weapons. It did everything it was supposed to do -- and more.

Yet, after only six airplanes were built, the Arrow was killed. It was cancelled by a Conservative government overnight -- thousands lost their jobs. Its builder, Avro Aircraft, was ruined, and with it went an important high-tech industry. Astonishingly, the government ordered the finished airplanes cut up and destroyed. Nothing was to remain -- and nothing did.

Using hundreds of photos, most in colour, along with original documents, this book tells this amazing story -- a key development in Canada's Cold War history. It provides the information that will let readers decide for themselves what best explains a decision which even today is hard to understand. And it shows Canada's capacity in engineering and science when challenged to produce the best in the world.


An interesting book for anyone who does not want the in depth reasons the Arrow died, but wants a closer look at this stunning jet.
Cold War Model Making

You can't help draw comparisons with the sad story of the TSR.2, but the blow was more devastating, as it took out Avro Canada, and lost many thousands of skilled people their jobs, forcing many to move to the US for work. This is an excellent book to get a full picture of the period, and you can sense the pride that author Lawrence Miller feels for what is still an incredible achievement, even now. Very highly recommended.

Modellers will appreciate the varied shots of the aircraft.
Airfix Model World